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                                              Intelligent Fixings wins Interzum 2023 “Best of the Best” Award for the new “PEANUT Core” component. 



Introducing the KOCH Sprint PEANUT Insertion Machine

Key Benefits

Technical Information

INSERT PEANUT offers a complete solution for manufacturing furniture with the PEANUT connecting system
Horizontal CNC Drilling and PEANUT Insertion as standard
Air-tight glue injecting system: no cleaning needed
Four zones can be separately programmed for different machining operations
Fast set-up time
Inductive electronic glue control (patent granted) ensures that glue is flown: robust against errors due to light, dust and dirt
1300mm work table with 4 fields, 3 manually lower-able stops
Clamping system ensures highest accuracy
Increase efficiency with pendulum processing for high speed working cycle
KOCH Wop parametric programming
Heavy duty steel frame for maximum rigidity and processing accuracy
In the single-sided working centre, SPRINT select line various working units can be configured in a variety of ways, providing the greatest number of possibilities to match SPRINT equipment to your individual needs.
Whether drilling and dowelling units, fitting insertion, horizontal or vertical routing, grooving a processings under 45° / 90°, this customised processing centre can be perfectly fine-tuned to suit your production process.
Faster production processes and exact reproduction are an ideal combination to make perfectly precise joints for products such as: Casegoods, Drawers, Cabinets and furniture frame parts, Solid wood rail, stiles, jambs and posts.
Panel length: 110 - 1300 / 3000mm
Panel thickness: 14 - 45 / 60mm
Installed power: 5 kWh
Compressed air min. 7 bar
Dust extraction hood 80mm
Total weight: 1600kg

Optional Extras

Wood dowel insertion station
NC-positioning of height adjustment (z-axis), NC-positioning in stock length (y-axis)
Up to 5 horizontal drills, up to 5 vertical drills
3.5 kW horizontal or vertical ruter unit
Further extras are also available and we highly recommend contacting us for more information
Horizontal or vertical grooving saw unit
Additional clamping cylinders
Stock support with 45° stop
Bar code reader
Automatic detection of stock width by means of one sensor

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