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PEANUT® Slot Technology

Jig Slot

Conversely our router jig always references from the top of the panel ensuring the perfect depth every time. The PEANUT® 2 and PEANUT® 2 Short connectors when slotted in, will ride up over the slot forcing a good tight joint.  If the joint is too tight either the cutter depth is too deep or the components are over tightened. Likewise the opposite applies if the joint is too loose. 

CNC Slot

The CNC slot is ramped and this is necessary because CNC machines generally reference the depth of cut from the underside of the board. Because all sheet material vary in thickness often by 0.5mm, the depth of slot will vary also. The ramped slot solves this problem ensuring a tight fit every time. The component moves along the ramp and the wood compresses, pushing back against the component and forcing a tight joint.

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