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Intelligent Fixings Limited was founded in 2018 within the long-standing, London-based bespoke furniture making and refurbishment company, Thomson Brothers (London) Limited. In 2019, Intelligent Fixings separated from Thomson Brothers to continue its growth.

Thomson Brothers manufacture and install their own high-quality furniture, including all drawers and cabinets for their interior refurbishment projects in Central London. The idea for the PEANUT® 1 connector came as a result of Thomson Brothers investing in a CNC nesting machine and finding the available knock-down fittings inadequate. Thomson Brothers wanted a connector which needed only one machining operation and could create a very strong and high quality joint. The furniture also had to be easily transported, flat-packed from their Hertfordshire workshop to Central London sites for assembly. The PEANUT®1 met all of these requirements.

Intelligent Fixings have used the patent technology of the original PEANUT®1 to develop a range of dowel-like connectors, for use with high-speed production lines and hand-held routers.

The name PEANUT® refers to the original visual design of the first component. The final products now bear little resemblance to peanuts, but the name was memorable and proved popular so the Intelligent Fixings team decided to keep it!

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