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What is the PEANUT made of?

The PEANUT Components are made of glass reinforced nylon.

What tools are required for the PEANUT® components?

A PEANUT® Cutter is required for the PEANUT® Slot. Please see technical specification sheets for the required drilling information for the PEANUT components.

Where are the components and cutters made?

The components and cutters are made in Europe.

How does the PEANUT® Slot work?

Visit our PEANUT Slot Technology page for a full explanation and videos.

Do I need any specialist tools?

All PEANUT components require the use of a PEANUT® Cutter. The PEANUT® 1 also requires a 5mm and 25mm (24.9mm is optimum) drill bit. The PEANUT® 2 requires a 6mm drill tool. The PEANUT® 3 requires a 6mm drill bit.

What glue can be used with the PEANUT components?

PVA glue. (D3 is optimal)

What is the difference between the PEANUT® 2 and PEANUT® 3?

The PEANUT® 2 is secured using a 3.5mm (US 6) gauge screw. The PEANUT® 3 meanwhile is secured by standard PVA glue. It is also designed for insertion machines.

What is the difference between the PEANUT® 2 and PEANUT® 2 Short?

The PEANUT® 2 Short is shorter in length allowing it to do 45° and face-to-face connections.

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