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                                              Discover the PEANUT connecting system now and make stronger connections! Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide releasing soon!



Introducing the Omal S.r.l. Insert PEANUT 1300

Key Benefits

Technical Information

Omal PEANUT Insert machine offers a complete solution for manufacturing furniture with the PEANUT connecting system

Horizontal CNC Drilling and PEANUT Insertion as standard

Vertical key hole slot routing with mechanical copier for perfect milling depth as optional extra

1300mm work table with 4 fields, indexable central and side fences with open frame to machine parts up to 2600mm

Four zones can be separately programmed for different machining operations

Fast set-up time

Large phenolic table with heavy duty double action clamps to ensure perfect clamping of the workpiece

Wooden dowel insertion unit as optional extra

Increase efficiency with pendulum processing for high speed working cycle

Perfect solution for just-in-time (JIT) production

Heavy duty steel frame for maximum rigidity

Powerful and user friendly PC based numerical control

The Omal PEANUT Insert machine is a 3-axis numerical controlled machine specially developed for drilling and inserting PEANUT components into the edge of panels. The machine offers a full PC interface with a 1300mm working field divided into zones for pendulum processing, 4 reference stops are standard.

As an optional extra, a vertical router can be installed to machine ramped key hole slots. The vertical router uses a mechanical copier to ensure perfect key hole slot depth. On request, the machine can also be equipped with drilling, gluing and wooden dowel insertion capability.

Panel length: 20 - 1300 / 2600mm

Panel thickness: 10 - 60mm

Installed power: 7 kWh

Compressed air min. 7 bar

Dust extraction hood 60 + 60

Total weight: 1600kg

Optional Extras

1.5 Kw vertical router with mechanical copier for perfect milling depth

2 horizontal drills

Insertion unit for wooden dowels SURE SHOT revolver system for wooden dowels to guarantee the fastest cycle time (average 1 second) and extreme reliability

Laser for measuring the part and populate the program

Further extras are also available and we highly recommend contacting us for more information

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