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                                              Discover the PEANUT connecting system now and make stronger connections! Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide releasing soon!




More information coming soon...


1. Machining

The machining process creates four strong anchor notches in the inner faces of the two outer layers

2. Insert the PEANUT® Core Twist (Part 1)

Manually insert the component, once machining is complete

3. Insert the PEANUT® Core Twist (Part 2)

Once the component has been pushed completely in, twist the component 90° to secure it into position

How it Works

4. Rout your PEANUT Core slots

Machine the PEANUT Core slots. These slots will self-clamp the panels together once they are joined

5. Join your furniture

Simple connect your furniture together

A strong, toolless and invisible connector system for frameless hollow core panels.

Key Benefits

Strong & invisible joints
Ease of machining
Environmental benefits - hollow core panels are a sustainable and eco-friendly option
Self-clamping connection
Universal use - wide range of compatibility
Toolless assembly

Tooling Requirements

The connector, made from a high performance polymer, is firmly locked inside the edge of the panel thanks to the patent-pending multi-notched machining of the board and the corresponding fins on the body of the PEANUT® CORE connector.

PEANUT® CORE Technology allows small to mass manufacturers to take advantage of hollow core panels for furniture construction, creating toolless, lightweight and more environmentally-friendly furniture solutions.

This new series of component will require the PEANUT Core Slot Cutter to produce the hollow core PEANUT slot. You'll also require the PEANUT Core End Cutter to allow you to machine the hole required for the component to twist into position.

Information on these new tools will be available soon, alongside all the technical information you will need to complete the required machining processes.

PEANUT® Core Twist

Strong, toolless and invisible connector system for frameless hollow core panels

PEANUT® Core Twist
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