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                                              Discover the PEANUT connecting system now and make stronger connections! Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide releasing soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Insert your PEANUT® Cutter

Contact us for questions on running speeds

2. Machining

Route your PEANUT slots

3. Join your furniture

After all other machining is complete and PEANUTs are inserted, simply connect your furniture together

How it Works

The PEANUT Cutter creates a keyhole slot which has an undercut, the PEANUT Component inserts into the slot and slides along the undercut to clamp two panels together.

Key Points

Cuts approximately 6,500+ slots in MFC*
Available in 3 different shank sizes
Compatible with all solid wood PEANUT connectors
Recommended Max RPM 14,000 (CNC application)
Made from solid carbide
Compatible with CNC and router

The PEANUT® cutter is a T-shaped cutter with a domed head and produces the PEANUT® slots.

The PEANUT® slot is required for all PEANUT® connectors. The cutter is precisely machined from 1/2” solid carbide rods and cannot be resharpened. To create an 8mm or 12mm PEANUT Cutter, the 1/2” PEANUT® cutter goes through a second operation to grind the shank down to size.


For machines or routers which are unable to use the current PEANUT Cutter shank sizes, we recommend purchasing a collet.

*This is an estimated result. Value may vary dependent on various factors but no limited to type/quality of material.

PEANUT® Cutter

compatible with all solid wood PEANUT connectors

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PEANUT Cutter (12mm shank)

from £58.99

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PEANUT Cutter (8mm shank)

from £58.99

PEANUT Cutter (1/2" shank)

from £48.99

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