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                                              Discover the PEANUT connecting system now and make stronger connections! Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide releasing soon!




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1. Machining

Route the PEANUT® Slots with the PEANUT® Cutter

2. Insert the Perfect PEANUT® (Part 1)

Begin inserting the Perfect PEANUT into the machined PEANUT slot

3. Insert the Perfect PEANUT® (Part 2)

As the Perfect PEANUT slides in, the PEANUT slot self-clamps the drawer runner in place

How it Works

4. Insert the Perfect PEANUT® (Part 3)

Once the Perfect PEANUT reaches the end of the slot, it's tail drops into the PEANUT slot locking it in place

5. Ready for use

No tools or screws required, and so the Perfect PEANUT is ready for use

6. Simple disassembly

If you need to remove the Perfect PEANUT for any reason, using a screw driver lift the locking latch and then slide the drawer runner out of the PEANUT slot

The star-shaped geometry of the Perfect PEANUT single extension skilfully absorbs incorrect loads

Key Benefits


The PEANUT® is an invisible connector which allows the Perfect PEANUT Drawer slide to be mounted quickly and easily without tools.

Quick and easy installation with PEANUT® technology
Individual loading capacity up to 25kg
Available with 1D or 2D coupling options
Lengths from 250 - 550mm
Star-shaped profile
Stepless heigh adjustment with integrated damping system

The overlapping of the star area ensures high stiffness, which also positively influences the damper function. The PEANUT® connection technology also allows the drawer runner to be mounted without tools.

Perfect PEANUT® meets all functional requirements for wooden drawers in living and sleeping areas. Perfect PEANUT® is optionally available as a full-featured standard version, or as a shortened stub version.

This technology has been designed in collaboration with our German partners, REME Möbelbeschläge GmbH. In their owner operated family business, REME develops and manufactures individual drawers runners for the furniture industry. "Made in Germany"

The PEANUT® is made of reinforced plastic, which ensures a high clamping force when inserted into the cabinet wall.


The PEANUT® head is specifically designed to maximise ease of assembly and joint strength. The Perfect PEANUT® concealed slides can thus be installed quickly, easily and without tools.

The new type of couplings make the mounting and dismounting of drawers quick and simple. All in one: safety catch, coupling and alignment. Available either as a 1D (height adjustment), or 2D (height and side adjustment). Fast, simple and toolless achieving of a perfect front panel alignment.

Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide

premium single extension slide for tool-free mounting

Perfect PEANUT® Drawer Slide
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