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                                              Discover the PEANUT connecting system now and make stronger connections! Perfect PEANUT Drawer Slide releasing soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Setup your jig

Clamp your jig to your work piece and align your work

2. Machining

Rout your PEANUT® Slot with the PEANUT® Cutter and drill your PEANUT holes

3. Insert your PEANUTs

The PEANUT Jig is compatible with the PEANUT 2 and PEANUT 2 Short connectors

How it Works

4. Join your furniture

Simply connect your furniture together

The PEANUT Jig's design makes it perfect for a workshop set-up or alternatively it can be transported to site in its hard-wearing nylon carry case.

Key Benefits


Adjustable fence enables the jig to be used for 90° joints on panels with thicknesses >15.3mm and 45° joints on panels with thicknesses >18mm.

Ideal for carpenters and small workshops
Compatibility with 3 different invisible connecting systems
Quick and simple positioning of the jigs inserts
Adjustable fence allowing you to make 45° and 90° angled joints
Bespoke jig for use with handheld routers
End drilling capabilities

Tooling Requirements

It's precisely machined from high pressure laminate, making it a very strong and highly accurate jig for furniture construction.

The PEANUT Jig is compatible with the PEANUT 2 and PEANUT 2 Short connectors, as well as having the ability to create loose tenon and dowels joints (size up to 10mm). By repositioning the jig, PEANUT joints can be created on any size panel. Depending on the application, we recommend that the PEANUT slots are positioned approximately 200mm apart.

Horizontal and vertical centre lines enable the jig to be used without the fence anywhere on a panel by aligning the centre lines with reference lines on the panel.

Countersunk screw holes along the horizontal centre line can be used to secure the jig when clamping is not possible, the screw holes will then be covered by the corresponding panel.

The jig features a waved design and a simple scale which allow for quick and simple positioning of the jig inserts.

The jig uses puzzle-like inserts which fit the waved design of the jig to guide a router and drill. The inserts are reversible so that the PEANUT slots can be routed in either direction. The inserts can also be positioned for vertical slots for applications such as drawer fronts.

On the jig body, the depth gauge has been machined to easily set the PEANUT® cutter in the router. Depth markings have also been inscribed on the jig body for setting the drill stop on the drill for the PEANUT®2 and PEANUT®2 Short component.

The jig includes a 6mm drill bush and 6mm drill with stop which is used to drill a 6mm hole for the PEANUT 2 or for 6mm dowels. Additional 5mm, 8mm and 10mm drill kits are available.

The jig also includes a high quality low profile router guide bush designed specially for the PEANUT® Jig inserts to allow the router base to sit flat on the jig.


designed for carpenters and small workshops




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